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victoria embankment site hoarding graphics
victoria embankment site hoarding graphics
victoria embankment site hoarding graphics
victoria embankment site hoarding graphics
victoria embankment site hoarding graphics
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58 Victoria Embankment

THE DEVELOPMENT Nesta purchased 58 Victoria Embankment EC4, located on the River Thames close to Blackfriars Bridge and are currently converting the building into VIEW58 – a modern dynamic hub of flexible office space – for themselves and other businesses leading in innovation. The building will include collaborative areas, glass lifts, a breath-taking atrium and terraces with stunning view of London on the top three floors, whilst retaining the original façade. The redevelopment will be complete late in 2016.

THE BRIEF Kier Properties & Core Developments asked us to wrap the unsightly steel façade retention structure that would be in place on the lower levels during the redevelopment, and use the space to promote VIEW58 and the ‘Life by the River’ brand messaging. The solution would also serve as protection to both workers and the general public whilst the redevelopment was taking place. Ultimately the appearance of the environment would be massively enhanced during the long term works.

THE SOLUTION As experts in building wraps and printed site hoarding, the team at Embrace knew exactly the right materials and processes to produce a durable solution that would go the distance and still look stunning, despite the elements that would be present adjacent to the River Thames. Our solution incorporated enclosure of the existing steel structure and gantry with a system constructed from timber frame and bespoke scaffolding. This was then fully clad using 260 square metres of plywood which was painted to match any existing site hoarding that was already in place, to create a seamless appearance.

The bespoke site hoarding was designed to allow for access to delivery gates on the lower floors and numerous site monitoring points on the building, whilst also being suitably durable to handle the skips that would be regularly lifted directly in front of the main elevation.We added the creative design to the front, left and right elevations by printed digitally on DIBOND® before applying to the panels, having meticulously planned the design to minimise visual disruption due to the numerous access and monitoring points.

Always flexible to meet our clients’ needs, Embrace Building Wraps were only permitted to be on site at weekends and even then at heavily restricted times imposed by City of London whilst the redevelopment was already underway. The full installation was completed onsite over just five weekends. Using Government tracking data we have proven to our client that almost 2 million vehicles will pass the VIEW58 messaging every month, providing the perfect platform to promote the new office space ahead of its availability.

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