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site hoarding graphics for lexicon centre
site hoarding graphics for lexicon centre
site hoarding graphics for lexicon centre
site hoarding graphics for lexicon centre
site hoarding graphics for lexicon centre
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The Lexicon, Bracknell

THE DEVELOPMENT The Lexicon in Bracknell is undergoing a complete renovation and is relaunching with more stores, restaurants and open social spaces for all of the family to enjoy. The new centre features beautifully-designed outdoor and indoor shopping zones, entertainment and leisure facilities. The Bracknell Regeneration Partnership is investing over £240 million to transform the area into an exciting shopping and leisure destination covering one million square feet.

THE BRIEF Embrace Building Wraps were approached by Knight Harwood (managing the redevelopment) and The Lexicon to disguise works to the site of the former Bentalls department store in order to promote the new centre and disguise the works taking place from visitors due to the phased opening of different parts of the Lexicon. To do this a full length banner was required running the length of the building, along with a three-sided banner at the corner. This would all need to be supported by durable printed site hoarding graphics as street level, and internal graphics at the boarded-off former store entrances.

THE SOLUTION The main Bentalls building wrap comprised of two separate banners. The first banner covers the main straight elevation (measuring 29.5 x 7.9 metres) whilst the taller second banner is wrapped around three elevations (32.8 x 10.2 metres). The lightweight, digitally colour printed PVC banners were offset by approximately 3 metres from the brickwork face of the property and are installed securely around the entire perimeter using a projected frame.

Underneath each banner is a wooden hoarding with printed graphics and these graphics correspond with the banner design above. This complex installation required us to align the artwork to look as one seamless design which is particularly challenging given that some of the elevations are offset by two metres from the front face. To add to the challenge the drop in the pavement height from one end of the elevation to the other was 850 mm over a 62 metre run.

The straight run of printed wooden hoarding that follows the building line under the banner increases from in height from 2,285 mm up to 3,240 mm to accommodate the drop in the pavement line. Embrace used a digitally printed aluminium composite material with DIBOND® screw fixed around the perimeter in 1.2m x 2.4m and 1.2m x 3m panels with decals to cover the fixings. Additionally a second wooden hoarding around an 8,560 mm x 9,610 mm archway was clad in graphics. To complete the brief Embrace also ventured inside the shopping centre where two large internal hoardings (10.2m x 3.8m and 6.7m x 4.9m) were covered by flooding the DIBOND with colour and then overlaying 2D decals of the store logos for a spectacular finish.

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