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Add printed graphics to building site hoardings

Make effective use of building site hoardings during construction or renovation work by featuring your brand identity or marketing messages.

Advertising hoardings get your development noticed create a buzz, allowing you to showcase the opportunity behind the screen 24/7 before, during and leading up to launch.

Here at Embrace Building Wraps we offer a full project management service, from designing the printed site hoarding graphics, through to print and installation. We can also manage the removal and responsible disposal too if required.

With the latest self-adhesive vinyl technology we can wrap most surfaces from vehicles to brick walls to building sites.

Hoarding graphic wraps are amazing creative spaces to run wild with. In busy locations, many thousands of vehicles and pedestrians pass building sites every day. What a great marketing opportunity to reach out and connect with this passing audience.

Wrapping a site hoarding in ACM DIBOND® sheets or self-adhesive vinyl decals will give your development a premium feel and stand out of the crowd. We have installed hundreds of advertising hoarding graphics over the years.

Embrace Building Wraps provide comprehensive project management, print, installation services. No matter your budget we can help make your site hoarding graphics look the business.

Building site hoarding design ideas

It pays dividends to invest time in the creative design process to stand out at street level. Solid colours of painted hoardings don’t cut the mustard or create a buzz! Your building site hoarding design needs to reach out and grab the passing audience with a standout message.

Embrace Building Wraps has 15 years experience in the design, print and installation of creative site hoardings.

We have a wealth of options to make your design pop:

  • Oversized panels above the standard 2.4m high hoarding line
  • Flush lightboxes
  • Back-illuminated routed letters
  • Metallic print
  • Mirrored panels
  • 3D cut lettering

All of the above complemented with screw holes fixing points covered over with colour-matched decals or caps to match the design. It goes without saying we apply ACM DIBOND® headers, kickers and corner trim where required on all hoarding graphics. The finished product, a premium finish on your installed printed sheets.

What materials do Embrace Building Wraps use?

Using the best materials will mean your hoardings work hard for you whilst reinforcing your message as a considerate and professional contractor.

As leading professionals in the field, we provide all the material options you could wish for and are on hand to provide expert advice to meet your needs.

We offer printed site hoarding graphics direct to ACM panels at a variety of thickness and can apply anti-graffiti or laminates to keep your creative safe from the local “artists”!

We want your printed site hoarding to look as breath-taking at the end of the project as it does on day one. We only use materials of the highest quality and, to put it simply, we refuse to cut corners. All elements of your advertising hoarding – the inks used, finishes applied, and substrate material utilized – will be selected to meet your brief and be good for the life of the project.

The substrate exhibits minimal expansion and contraction which means that sheets can be butted together, with no gaps, for maximum visual impact. The addition of a clear protective overlay film protects the printed graphics and adds to the longevity and durability of the print.

Screw holes for fixing points will be covered over with colour-matched decals or caps to match the design creating a premium finish. We will also apply DIBOND headers, kickers & corner trims where required.

What are ACP & ACM panels?

Aluminium composite panels (ACP), made of aluminium composite material (ACM), are flat panels consisting of two thin coil-coated aluminium sheets bonded to a non-aluminium core. ACPs are frequently used for external cladding or facades of buildings, insulation, and signage.

Environmental considerations

The local community will benefit from a more attractive environment whilst the works are taking place with any unwanted mess or disruption being beautifully concealed.

In terms of noise pollution, the boards can also absorb up to 25 decibels which help keep your neighbours and passers-by happy.

For site hoarding graphics London & UK wide

From London to Birmingham, Bristol to Manchester and Cardiff to Glasgow Embrace work throughout the UK. We have offices and depots in a location near you providing you with fast and efficient service. Call us on 0845 258 5558 to find out more.

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