1000 m2 scaffold wrap installed for #CarnabyChristmas in collaboration with charity Choose Love.

Embrace have replaced a giant three-sided PVC building wrap at Carnaby Street as part of the Christmas Light installation this year. Carnaby are inviting visitors to choose love, whether visiting in person or virtually. The #CarnabyChristmas project is a partnership with the Choose Love store which supports the charity Help Refugees.

The street is now drenched in uber-positive pink neon light, glowing from a parade of aerial lightboxes. Carnaby are sharing a powerful vision of hope and encouragement, inviting us to be kind to one another. The creative brings a message of unity and love and is an acknowledgement of the courage and strength of everyone during these challenging times.

To support the theme, Embrace project managed the responsible and sustainable removal of the previous banner before installing a huge 1000 m2 digital printed scaffold wrap with neon lightbox-effect creative.

The new solid vinyl wrap was installed in advance of the Christmas lights so that a few carefully planned holes could be made in the wrap on site to allow the wires and fixings to go back onto the scaffold structure behind the wrap.

Greg Forster, Managing Director at Embrace Building Wraps commented:

Of all the projects we have managed over the last decade this is by far my favourite creative. The neon effect works both day and night and the positive message is the cherry on top. When retail and hospitality reopen in early December the messaging will be even more relevant.

With the previous wrap being repurposed into our Banner Karma initiative supporting British farmers everyone wins & we already have other farmers lined up for this wrap too!

As part of the project Embrace Building Wraps team removed our own previous PVC wrap which is now in the Banner Karma PVC repurposing second use initiative. Members of the National Farmers Union in Hertfordshire are now using the banner for use as agricultural coverings, giving the PVC a second lease of life out in the countryside after its display in London.

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