We take our environmental responsibility very seriously

We recognise climate change is a critical global issue which has significant implications for us all.

Here at Embrace we ensure that there should never be a conflict between supporting the future of our planet and turning a profit. It is with a great deal of pride that we are playing a role in the transition towards a more sustainable and environmentally improved future through our policies, procedures, and commitments.

We’re serious about this journey we started in November 2019 with the repurposing of the wraps we remove at the cessation of our clients’ display into the agricultural sector as part of our unique Banner Karma™ initiative. We are working with the construction sector reuse our mesh PVC wraps as permeable geotextile membrane alternatives and even supplying our end-of-life flexible substrates for upcycling into bespoke handbags.

Vitally Embrace are the first operator in the UK to move away from PVC substrates to more environmentally friendly PVC-free alternatives wherever suitable for our clients.

To ensure we maintain a climate positive workforce we signed up with Ecologi back in December 2020. It is also company policy every time we install a building wrap of printed scaffolding banner we make an additional investment into eleven projects around the globe to remove CO2 emissions from the atmosphere.

Every month we plant trees in Mozambique, Madagascar, Nicaragua & here in the UK. We also fund some of the world’s best climate crisis solutions to offset CO2e such as clean energy through hydropower in Kanungu, Uganda, Geothermal power production in West Java, Indonesia and converting landfill gas to energy in Northern Turkey.

We recently installed the world’s largest scaffold wrap at over 8,500 m2, ensuring we had arrangements in place to ensure that all of the printed substrate would be repurposed at the end of the display period. We chose to mark the landmark achievement by increasing the size of our global forest to match the same area. To this end we have planted 6,000 trees in Marotoala, Madagascar located in an evenly balanced mix of mangroves and non-mangrove sites. Collectively the expected coverage of the Embrace Building Wraps global forest will now exceed 11,000 square metres which is approximately equivalent to the footprint of Trafalgar Square!

Our combined effort is a force for good and we continue to make a difference. We can claim and prove that we play a significant role for the benefit of all for the long term of our shared planet. To see our commitment please click on this link to see our Ecologi profile.

You can make a difference too, feel empowered, challenged, and inspired. Take real climate action – sign up to Ecologi using the link below

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