Top secret project covered ahead of major reveal

Here at Embrace we do get to be involved in some incredibly interesting projects. We recently received a brief where we had to keep our client, location, and property all under wraps!

We were asked to temporarily wrap a steel sculpture in situ to keep it obscured ahead of the subsequent planned reveal. We were given a tight two-week timeframe from initial briefing to final install. Two weeks later we were on site and delivered the project exactly as requested.

The sculpture itself measures 6.4 metres high, 5 metres wide and 2 metres deep. It is located on a 2-metre-high plinth which is then located on top of another 2-metre-high podium. Everything is located 5 metres above ground level and is also set back into a corner behind an upstand with limited access available from inside the building.

For the sculpture wrap we utilised a wide gauge mesh to allow airflow through after installation and to reduce the wind loadings on the sculpture whilst in place. The wrap was digitally printed to our client’s chosen RAL colour exactly. Our expert team completed the installation on site using cherry pickers.

Greg Forster, Managing Director at Embrace Building Wraps, comments:

We took all of the operational issues in our stride. Firstly, we attended the workshop where the sculpture was in production in order to take accurate dimensions and assess any complications. Next, we undertook a site visit to the location where we further assessed the access challenges, produced a plan, and then executed it. Our client’s secret is safe with us!

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