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building wrap design for capstan house
building wrap for capstan house
building wrap for capstan house
building wrap for capstan house
site hoarding graphics for capstan house
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Capstan House

THE DEVELOPMENT Redevelopments are underway at the East India Dock estate to create an inspirational space in East London as the flagship for commercial and cultural regeneration in the capital. By creating the new ‘Republic’ location the objectives included connecting and engaging & connecting with people through transport & amenity whilst optimising value for their occupiers. At the centre of this is Capstan House – a mixed-use property comprising office space and commercial retail in full view at eye-level of the frequently passing DLR trains.

THE BRIEF Embrace were appointed to work for Trilogy Property and LaSalle Investment Management alongside appointed creative team Hingston Studio and Quartzconstruction, cost consultants & project management. We were asked to wrap numerous elements of the project to transform the entire panorama into a fresh and exciting, high impact zone. To execute the brief we would need to deliver numerous complex elements including:

  • The UK’s largest heavy duty, self-adhesive vinyl building wrap on the front façade
  • One-way films to windows creating a seamless external image
  • Extending and wrapping a large and unsightly external brick vent structure
  • Co-ordinated self-adhesive vinyl wrapping of internal walls

Embrace have broad experience working with numerous stakeholders and complex requirements and were the perfect fit for the job.

THE SOLUTION Firstly we completed a full site survey of the façade using our experienced abseil team by ropes to confirm all of the information needed and any unique considerations. Using a combination of the approved architect’s drawings and our own site-measured survey we produced an accurate CAD template enabling the creative team to produce detailed artwork. The Embrace team also applied test patches of material for colour matching and to test suitability, ensuring that no small detail was left to chance. Next, we cleaned the windows and cladding of the building – again off ropes – to ensure everything was perfect before any installation work began.

Embrace digitally printed the heavy duty self-adhesive vinyl and one-way window films. Next we completed the actual installation by applying the one-way film to windows, revels and soffits and then the full application of the heavy duty self-adhesive vinyl to the stone cladding façade. The install was completed using a combination of rope access from the roof by our team of IRATA (International Rope Access Trade Association) trained abseilers, the use of articulated boom lifts operated by IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) certified operatives and mobile towers at the lower level arches.

Other works included an engineered structure built around and existing brick built vent – the new structure increased the vent height to five metres. We then clad the structure using hoarding graphics techniques with wooden frames and ply sheets which we then wrapped in digitally-printed DIBOND® and applied self-adhesive 2D cut letters. Inside the scheme we also wrapped a number of walls with self-adhesive vinyl, helping to create a stunning impact and co-ordinate the overall Republic branding.

Working within a very short deadline to deliver the project we made sure we optimised the time available – working during all daylight hours from 5:30am to 8pm for seven days a week in order to hit the required launch and allow time for bad weather. We completed the complicated and ground-breaking project in just over six weeks from the initial client instruction – on time and ready for the onsite client & investor presentation. In executing the brief for our clients we have delivered the biggest self-adhesive building wrap ever seen in the UK measuring a giant 1,400 square metres, another successful record-breaking project delivered by Embrace Building Wraps.

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