Embrace deliver printed scaffold wrap for Shaftesbury PLC

Embrace Building Wraps have been called upon once again by Shaftesbury PLC to wrap a scaffold structure on the world famous Carnaby Street.

Shaftesbury is a renowned investment trust that invests solely in the centre of the West End in London. Carnaby comprises of 14 adjoining streets in the heart including the iconic Carnaby Street, and is the home to 60 bars, cafés & restaurant and 100+ retail stores.

A redevelopment is currently underway at 5-7 Carnaby Street including the office floor refurbishment, the building façade and common space.

The scaffold is an unusual shape with two supporting towers and the working lifts at a much higher level than normal. As such Embrace were asked to only wrap sections of the scaffolding which would not interfere with the on-site operation. Notably we retained a vertical open void on the front right-hand side of the scaffold needed to allow materials to be lifted up into the building.

The creative design is in a green camouflage design with an urban twist & can be clearly seen from both ends of Carnaby Street.

We were able to create a wrap on one of our bespoke offset frames, neatly creating an arch and focal point for Timberland who trade on the ground floor, highlighting the storefront rather than disguising it. We even fixed Christmas lights back to the eyebolts ready in readiness for the festive season!

Greg Forster, Managing Director at Embrace Building Wraps, said:

Having yet another printed scaffold wrap up on Carnaby Street is a real joy. Carnaby is a globally recognised location for visitors far and wide, so our wrap will be in lots of photos that are shared across multiple social media platforms. Another cracking install by our dedicated team for our client

Embrace have previously installed a giant art installation for Carnaby x Project Zero and delivered a 1000 square metre scaffold wrap for #CarnabyChristmas in 2020.

For more details of this project take a look at our 5-7 Carnaby Street case study page.

Carnaby Street printed scaffold banner